House Wulfring, Banner House of House Verengar

"Forged Anew"


Heads of the House
Ser Colton Wulfring, Keeper of the Bones, Lord of Cold Home, Sworn to Lord Verengar of House Verengar
Lady Hethar Wulfring

Son – Liam Wulfring, First Born Heir

Prominent House Members
Forge Master Lesmond Snow
Castellan Lukas Berevar, Captain of the Cavalry
Master-of-Horse Elinas Meadows
Master-of-Arms Ser Garaldt Fontaine
Steward Jonas Ledermir

House Forces -
Trained Cavalry – 20 man unit, Discipline 3, Rank 3 in Agility, Animal Handling, and Fighting
Trained Archers – 100 man unit, Discipline 9, Rank 3 in Agility, Awareness, and Marksmanship
Green Infantry – 100 man unit, Discipline 9, Rank 3 in Fighting

The North
“The Bones”, west of Icewind Falls

Defense: 32(30 Invested)
Cold Home Castle: +6 to Defense
Influence: 31 (20 invested)
Lands: 39 (all invested in Land Holdings, see below)
Law: 12
Population: 14
Power: 21 (19 invested)
Wealth: 11(10 invested, Artisan)

Age: New

Founding: Victory


Lands of House Wulfring –
Plains 5, Small Town 20, Road 5, Dense Woods 5, Ruin 3, Stream 1

Given after glorious victory by his Lordship Logan Verengar, the stretch of the North known as “The Bones” is a rolling land of snow covered plains and hills some 100 to 150 miles across. Sparsely settled, The Bones is now under the banners of House Wulfring, led by Ser Colton Wulfring, a landed, anointed knight serving under Lord Verengar. Ser Colton and his family rule out of Cold Home, a decent-sized castle set centrally in the area.

Near Cold Home is the largest settlement in The Bones, a town by the name of Stonehall, with some 500 – 600 souls. The Spine, the only road in The Bones runs straight through Stonehall, going east to west, following a stream, which Stonehall was built around and provides fish and freshwater to the town. This on top of its central location makes Stonehall a decent center of trade in The Bones, or at least a resting place for weary travelers. Though not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, the people of Stonehall are tough and resilient, well suited to the cold winds rolling across the frozen plains surrounding them.

South of Stonehall is one of the other major landmarks in the Bones, a dense forest known as Icebranch. Covering the southern half of the area, Icebranch Woods serves as a good hunting ground for the surrounding peoples, but has also been known for its bandit population as well. Time will tell if the arrival of Ser Colton and his resources will make Icebranch safer, or if it will make the cutthroats residing within bolder.

At the end of the Spine, coming southeast out of the Bones and resting on the border is the fallen tower known only as Skull Down. None know who built the tower originally, but over the years it has become a snow covered pile of stone and timber. Travelers entering the Bones from the south will sometimes claim they see lights in the ruined pile, blue eyes lurking amongst the darkness under the archways. They say they can hear whispers on the winds rushing through the area, calling them to seek lost gold or treasure. It is well documented that Skull Down has been known to house a bandit raiding party or two, but no evidence of supernatural forces has ever been found there.

House Wulfring, Banner House of House Verengar

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