Aegon Skree

Heir of House Skree, Holder of Triumph


Aegon, named after the Targaryen that helped to found House Skree, is a tall and well seeming young man. Normally he is well dressed and mannered. His clothes often reflecting the colors of his house. The house emblem boldly stands out on the right breast of all his clothes.

Age: 22


Agility: 3 Knowledge: 2
Animal Handling: 3 (Riding +1B) Marksmanship: 3
Athletics: 3 Persuasion: 3
Awareness: 2 Status: 4 (Breeding +1B)
Cunning: 3 (Logic +1B) Stealth: 2
Endurance: 3 (Stamina +1B) Survival: 2
Fighting: 4 (Long Blades +2B) Thievery: 2
Healing: 2 Warfare: 4 (Command +1B, Tactics +1B)
Language 3 Will: 3

Destiny Points : 5 (3 invested)

Benefits Drawbacks
Heir Flaw – Obvious
Long BLade Fighter I
Intrigue Combat
Intrigue Defense: 9 Combat Defense: 5
Composure: 9 Health: 9
Armor Raing: 6

Tarveler Garb
Noble Garb (Field)
Noble Garb (House)
Triumph (Valyrian Steel Bastard Sword)
Scale Armor (AR 6, Pen -3, Bulk 2)
Stepper (Courser)
Far Eyes
Soldier’s Tent
- Whetstone
- Lantern
- Oil, Pint (5)
- Waterskin (2)


Aegon was fed a steady stream of knowledge and birthright as he grew. From childhood, he was instructed on how and when to act. When to seem the Lord and when to play the common man. One of his teacher in particular, a young nurse named Corianna, was very enthusiastic in his instruction and sought to broaden his realm of knowledge into the carnal subjects as well. This affair lasted for about a year before Vintor found out about the extra instructions. Vintor sent Corianna away and arranged for Aegon to be squired to Bryden Tully, The Blackfish.

For the next four years, Brynden instructed Aegon in all subjects from religion to fighting and horseman ship. Cracks in his knowledge and behavior were tended as soon as they appeared. Aegon excelled at the combat and particularly favored the large swords used by some of the river land knights. Aegon was torn away from this pleasant existence by his father because of increased raids in their territory.

As Aegon returned home, he happened to pass through the house of a neighboring lord. The Lord’s daughter, Else, was intelligent, beautiful, and fit for his station. Aegon immediately fell for her. Over the next few years, Aegon secretly romanced the young lady. Spending what time he could away from the border patrols and duties of an heir. His hopes were not to be. The neighboring Lord arranged a more profitable marriage with a prominent banner house of House Arryn. Aegon’s hopes were dashed. Although he continued seeing Else as often as he could, she was eventually sent away to her new husband.

The following year has been hard for Aegon. He occupies his time with border patrols and warfare practice. Hoping that if nothing else, he can secure his home against the bandits and clans that plague it. During this time Vintor decided that since Aegon has come into his own as a protector of his people, he would pass the valyrian blade, Triumph, down early so that its might could be used to secure the house’s borders.

Recently, Vintor sent word to the outposts that Aegon is to return home immediately. Aegon has delayed as much as possible but now rides for home.

Aegon Skree

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