Narissa Skree

1st born daughter to House Skree


Age: 17


Agility 3 (Dodge 1B) Knowledge 4
Animal Handling 2 Marksmanship 2
Athletics 3 Persuasion 4 (Bargain 1B, Charm 1B)
Awareness 4 (Empathy 1B) Status 3
Cunning 4 Stealth 2
Deception 4 (Act 1B) Survival 2
Endurance 2 Thievery 2
Fighting 3 (Fencing 1B) Warfare 1
Healing 2 Will 3
Language 3
Charismatic 5 (2 invested)
Water Dancer I
Intrigue Defense: 11 Combat Defense:
Compsure: 9 Health: 6
Weapon Test Dice Weapon Damage Traits
Braavosi Blade 3 3 Defensive +1, Fast
Armor Armor Rating Armor Penalty
Soft Leather 2 -1

Narissa was the first born daughter of a minor noble house. She was raised to be a loyal and dutiful child, whose only real value was in who she could be married to. However, Narissa had too much personality to be content as a meek and obedient wife. At the age of 13, the son of a Braavosi banker came to arrange a loan. Narissa was stricken by his exotic looks and charismatic personality. He, in turn, was amused by her adoration. He led her along, allowing her to think there were true feelings between them. When he left to return home, her parents agreed to allow her to leave with him, thinking they would get the benefits of having their daughter married into the banker’s family.
She traveled across the Narrow Sea, returning to Braavos with her banker’s son. When they arrived at the family home, they made it quite clear that she could remain there as a companion to their son but she would never be worthy of marrying their son. Narissa stayed hoping that the son would convince his family that they should be together. He continued to lead her on convincing her that he was waiting for the right time. Eventually, Narissa demanded that he marry her or she would leave. The banker’s son informed her that he had no intention of ever marrying her. Without a second thought, Narissa left the home of the banker’s family.
Out on the street, Narissa realized the mistake she had made in her impulsiveness. She was very lucky that an old Braavosi fighter found her and took her in. Narissa stayed with him and his family until she could get in touch with her family and request passage home. While she waited for a response from her family she watch the old Braavosi train his son and begged him to teach her as well. By the time her family was finally able to to arrange her passage home, she had learned the basics of the Braavosi Water Dancing styles.
During her trip home, Narissa thought back on her time in Braavos. Narissa saw the respect and priveleges that the family enjoyed because of their fame and she decided she wanted that as well. She wanted the fame and wealth; to know that she would never be stuck on the street again.

Narissa Skree

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