Ser Colton Wulfring of Cold Home

Keeper of the Bones, Lord of Cold Home, Sworn Sword to Lord Verengar of House Verengar

Agility: 3 (Clumsy -1D) Knowledge: 3
Animal Handling: 3 (Ride +1B) Marksmanship: 2
Athletics: 4 (Strength +2B) Persuasion: 3
Awareness: 3 (Haunted -1D) Status: 4
Cunning: 3 (Memory +1B) Stealth: 2 (Obvious -1D)
Deception: 1 Survival: 3 (Track +1B)
Endurance: 4 (Stamina +2B) Thievery: 2
Fighting: 4 (Bludgeons +2) (Shields +1B) Warfare: 4
Healing: 3 Will: 3
Languages: 3
Destiny Points : 8(7 Invested)
Benefits Drawbacks
Anointed Flaw (Clumsy)
Armour Mastery Flaw (Obvious)
Blood of the First Men Haunted
Bludgeon Fighter 1 Honour-Bound
Fury Furious
Intrigue Combat
Intrigue Defense: 10 Combat Defense: 5(9*)
Composure: 9 Health: 14

Ruin: 4+1 [Damage: 6; Bulk 1, Powerful, Shattering 3, Slow, Two-Handed]
Mace: 4(+2B) [Damage: 4]
Large Shield: 4 [Damage: 2; -1B Training, Bulk 1, Defensive +4]

Half-Plate [Rating: 9(10), Armour Penalty: -5, Bulk: 3(2)]

River (Courser Horse)

Experience: 15

Physical Description


Ser Colton Wulfring
Age: 33
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight 210lbs

Physical Description – Standing just under 6 foot, clad in half-plate emblazoned with the Man and Anvil of House Wulfring, Ser Colton cuts a formidable figure. Shoulder-length brown hair and a well groomed and impressive beard frame an angular face and strong jaw and nose, over which a set of green eyes glare out anyone approaching. Still toned and muscular, the perils of family life have not yet softened the edges of Ser Colton, who is still quite capable of shattering shields and bodies with his flail, Ruin. His clothing is meant for colder climes, his cloak the dark sky blue of House Wulfring trimmed with khaki and red. A white wolf fur at the top signifies his allegiance to House Verengar, also shown in the brooch he uses to clasp the cloak to himself. Ser Coltons horse, “River”, a strong and fast chestnut colored courser bred from Northern stock is at his side, ready to carry his master into combat, as he has done so many times before.

Personality – Besides his skill with shattering bones Ser Colton is known for two things: His honor and his temper. An anointed knight, honored in a ceremony held by his Lord in front of a weirwood tree, Ser Colton holds duty above all else. A blunt and honest approach to life has lead to many hurt feelings and even more hurt jaws, and most who take offense with Ser Colton’s openness soon learn that his temper is as explosive as it is fierce. The Blood of the First Men runs through his veins and he has no compunctions about seeing what lurks in the veins of others. This personality sits well with his Sworn Lord Logan Verengar, the two of which are fast friends and allies. Those few safe from his temper include his Lord and Lord’s household, and his own as well, including his wife and infant son.
In the quiet moments however, some say when they look at their master that he seems to be seeing things only he can see. Reliving some memory that seems to cause him pain; his temper is always the worst after these episodes. Whatever happened in his past to cause this Ser Colton will not say, only sit and stare off until snapping back to reality with a start.

Beginnings –
Born to small folk under the House of Stark, Ser Colton’s father was a blacksmith that served for a time at Winterfell, where he spent much of his childhood days playing with the other household children. As a boy he learned the arts of war sparring alongside such individuals as Eddard and Benjen Stark. He learned to read and write in Winterfell as well, as a reward for his father’s good service to the Starks.

Having spent 9 name days still at Winterfell with his father and mother, Colton was ready to see something new. Late one evening a caravan arrived at the gates that would seem to be his desire manifest. It was a group of Nights Watchmen, coming back up from the South with several new recruits for their order. At the feast that evening, held in welcome the Nights Watch, Colton’s father was recruited to come to Castle Black and assist with armor and weapon repair, as the Watch was without a smith at that time. Colton begged his father to let him come, promising that he would learn to smith like his father and helping him in his work. Getting permission from the Starks to leave, Colton and his father left the next morning with the caravan, his mother staying behind at Winterfell. A few days of travel later, the caravan was ambushed by bandits, who killed the Watchmen and gave the recruits a choice, to either leave or join their crew. Colton’s father, recognized as a smith, was forced to join the bandits, who used threats of violence against his son to ensure his compliance.

Colton and his father would spend the next 4 years serving as smiths for the bandits, repairing arms and armor damaged in their raids and ambushes. Their skill with anvil and forge afforded them some measure of protection from the worst of the bandits raids and brutality, as they were deemed too important a resource to lose. Colton learned the ins and outs of armor and weapons, learning how to wear armor to maximize comfort and effectiveness, learning how to identify weak spots in welds and shields. Normally kept separate from the main camp with the forge, Colton would hear the bandits celebrating at night while he and his father worked. Colton’s curiosity about these celebrations got the best of him, and he vowed to see the next one that occurred.
After a particularly successful raid, while his father slept, Colton snuck towards the main camp. Laying low in some bushes, he watched horrified as the gang, drunk on stolen wine and victory, passed around and raped a woman and her daughter. For the first time he had witnessed humanity at its lowest, and the screams of the young girl and her mother assaulted his senses. Taking up the hammer he used to everyday to assist his father, and with rage burning in his eyes, Colton stormed into the middle of the bandits and began to rain blows upon them, killing two in the span of seconds. Too drunk to react properly, the remaining bandits drew swords and axes, rushing the young blacksmith who had come to their captives aid. Preparing to sell his life dearly, Colton readied himself against the onrushing men, roaring his challenge back into them. His cry was answered, not by the bandits in front of him but from behind them. Turning clumsily around, the bandits were too late to stop the charge of a large man on horseback who crashed into their midst, large sword swinging back and forth and claiming heads and limbs. It was a knight, Colton recognized that immediately, though who it was he couldnt say. Their momentum broken, the bandits defended themselves clumsily against the newly arrived foe, until their morale broke completely as Colton and his hammer came swinging back into them. The survivors broke into the trees, scattering to the winds.
As the clearing calmed and Colton caught his breath, the knight climbed from his horse, first checking on the two women who had cowered on the ground during the melee. Deeming both to be alive and fine, the knight approached Colton, sitting on a log examining his hammer head, covered in human blood. Introducing himself as Ser Garaldt Fontaine, he claimed he was a knight hailing from the South, who had been traveling back home from Castle Black and seen the evidence of the bandit raid on the road. Ser Garaldt praised Colton on his fighting ability, as rudimentary as it was. Ser Garaldt offered to teach Colton how to fight, ride, how to be a knight, in return for Colton becoming his squire. Colton, eagerly accepting the offer, rushed back to the forge to wake his father. Agreeing to the Sers terms, his father only asked to be taken back to his wife at Winterfell. Taking horses from the bandit camp, they began the journey back to the home of the Starks.

The Life of a Squire
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The War of the Usurper
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Cold Home
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Ser Colton Wulfring of Cold Home

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